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Âncora EFT
Método Pestana, João Paulo Pestana

Introductory and Advanced Level

EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques

with Dr. João Paulo Pestana

Learn  to eliminate negative thoughts and dysfunctional emotions, such as fear, stress, anxiety, phobias, depressive feelings, anger, or guilt and find your inner peace… with a single technique, in minutes and without medication!


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If you are at a point in your life where you are looking for something different that can help you achieve greater emotional balance and thereby increase your personal and professional success, this training is for you!
EFT-Técnicas de Libertação Emocional Portugal
Knowing how to recognize feelings and emotions (Emotional Intelligence) can be important to prevent and manage unwanted emotional states.
However, the rational understanding of emotions, by itself, is unlikely to lead to the rapid and definitive elimination of intense dysfunctional emotions that generate psychological suffering, such as anxiety , stress , anger , fear or depression .
Strong emotions cause a "short circuit  neuronal", turning off the rational brain and putting the emotional system on alert to do one of four things: fight, flee, freeze or faint!
“Unfortunately, traditional psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy treatments are ineffective in treating negative emotions”
Dr. João Paulo Pestana
talk about what we feel  can relieve momentarily  and help us to  better understanding our emotions and what causes them, however, is rarely enough to eliminate an intense negative emotion such as fear, anxiety or stress. On the other hand, chemical medication , which can help control negative symptoms of emotions, does not permanently eliminate them. If the person stops taking medication, the symptoms return . Also, some people need to increase the dosage more and more to get the same effect, which can cause side effects.  very negative in various organs of the body.
EFT-Técnicas de Libertação Emocional Portugal
EFT-Técnicas de Libertação Emocional Portugal


One of the most innovative protocols currently available for the quick, safe and effective treatment of dysfunctional feelings and emotions is called EFT–Emotional Freedom Techniques or Tapping.  EFT was initially developed by the American Gary Craig from theTFT-Thought Field Therapy protocol.  (Thought Field Therapy) , created  years earlier by psychologist Roger Callahan.

EFT - Tapping

The original EFT Handbook is one of the most successful psychological self-help handbooks ever published, with over a million copies in circulation worldwide. The fact that it is a simple protocol to apply , which anyone can learn and immediately begin to apply in their personal or professional life, has made EFT one of the most expanding personal development tools worldwide, constituting  as one of the most innovative and effective therapeutic tools ever created in the field of Clinical Psychology .

EFT-Técnicas de Libertação Emocional Portugal
EFT is based on the assumption that emotional imbalances don't just play out in "people's heads" but also result from "energy system disturbances" in the body.
It is a practical and extremely effective mind-body tool that uses natural stress-reducing points located essentially on the face and upper torso, with the aim of balancing  the nervous, energetic and biochemical system of the human body. 
When the EFT protocol is used correctly, the underlying emotional factors that contribute to emotional problems are released, along with energy blocks. The person still remembers the situations, but no longer feels the associated negative emotions.


EFT is a practical and extremely effective tool that integrates proven techniques and concepts from Psychology and Neuroscience with Acupuncture , a medical practice developed over more than 4,000 years by Traditional Chinese Medicine
EFT has been called “emotional/psychological acupuncture” as it combines manual stimulation of specific acupuncture points on the surface of the skin, essentially situated on the face and upper torso, with bilateral hemispheric stimulation through ocular reprocessing, positive affirmations, and more. cognitive approaches selected for the desired effects. At the same time, the person focuses attention on a pain, traumatic memory, uncomfortable emotion, compulsion, or any other problem associated with a negative emotion.
EFT-Técnicas de Libertação Emocional Portugal
This combination of approaches in a single protocol has the ability to eliminate dysfunctional emotions in minutes, favoring cognitive restructuring and behavior change. 
"The real cause of all negative emotions is a disturbance in the body's energy system"
Gary Craig
After releasing their “emotional baggage” with EFT, it is very common for people to feel more relaxed and more able to think about their problems in a clear and objective way, starting to live in a more positive and confident way. 


EFT-Técnicas de Libertação Emocional Portugal
EFT does not eliminate emotions that are natural , normal, and even healthy. It does not eliminate emotions that protect us, nor the proper care that some situations deserve.
What EFT does is eliminate excessive, irrational emotion that negatively interferes with quality of life and the ability to live normally from day to day, while simultaneously increasing feelings of relaxation, resilience, confidence and inner peace. 
EFT, also known as Tapping , has been used safely for over 25 years.  years want  by professionals, as more of a therapeutic approach , or by ordinary people, as a self-help and personal development technique. Currently, EFT is applied with  success in hospitals, private clinics, schools, in personal and business coaching and even to improve sports and artistic performance . 

Preliminary investigations have shown that this protocol has the ability to very quickly change the biochemistry and brain patterns responsible for maintaining dysfunctional thoughts, behaviors and emotions, contributing to:

  • Set and achieve goals more easily;

  • Relieve stress and depressive symptoms;

  • Eliminate fears and phobias;

  • Calming compulsions (food, alcohol, cigarettes);

  • Increase energy;

  • Reduce anxiety and panic attacks;

  • manage anger;

  • Eliminate or relieve pain;

  • Modify bad habits;

  • Eliminate negative thoughts;

  • Improve sporting or artistic performance;

  • Foster positive beliefs and behaviors.


Since research has shown that the techniques that make up EFT produce changes in the electrical activity of the body and in specific areas of the brain, EFT and other protocols that use these systems have come to be collectively known as Energy Psychology . 


It is with a lot  joy that we announce the next  formations  of EFT in Portugal  performed  by Dr. Joao Paulo Pestana ,  one of the pioneers in the introduction of EFT and Energy Psychology  in Portugal .  Dr. _ João Paulo Pestana  he studied  in the US with EFT creator Gary Craig , as well as with  Fred Gallo and David Feinstein , pioneers of Energy Psychology worldwide.  
Since 2010, it has been carrying out regular EFT trainings , which has allowed it to  many holistic therapists, health professionals and the general public, have access to the fundamental principles and practices of EFT from a professional with a lot of experience in this area.
Gary Craig e João Paulo Pestana
So, if you're interested  in starting or deepening your knowledge in the area of EFT , we invite you @  to join  us in one of the trainings that we carry out regularly,  exploring theoretical concepts and the multiple  practical application of Emotional Freedom Techniques .
EFT Portugal

EFT Portugal

EFT Portugal

EFT Portugal

EFT Portugal

EFT Portugal

EFT Portugal

EFT Portugal

EFT Portugal

EFT Portugal

EFT Portugal

EFT Portugal

EFT Portugal

EFT Portugal

EFT Portugal

EFT Portugal


The main objective of EFT training is to provide participants with the opportunity to experience the simplicity and transformative power of the EFT protocol in the treatment of dysfunctional emotions , contributing to greater well-being and a better quality of life. Participants will be guided by Dr. João Paulo Pestana through  From  specific theoretical contents of EFT that will then be put into practice through demonstrations in  real cases .
By the end of the training, participants will have learned how to use the EFT protocol on themselves and others to deal with stress and other everyday emotional disturbances. For healthcare professionals , they can easily integrate EFT with other therapeutic or personal development approaches they already use, increasing the speed and effectiveness of their interventions.  
EFT training is open to  anyone  who wish to increase their knowledge in this area, from therapists and health professionals, to the general public.
EFT Training-Emotional Freedom Techniques Level 1 (Introductory)

The EFT Training-Emotional Liberation Techniques Level I (Introductory)  aims to introduce participants to the fantastic world of EFT, a therapeutic approach that integrates  the stimulation of acupuncture points of the Meridian System, with modern approaches of Psychology, in the treatment of emotions.  

Level I training is open to  anyone  who wish to increase their knowledge in this area, from therapists and health professionals, to the general public.

Some of the Level I Program Contents


  • Facts and myths of traditional psychological treatments;

  • Neurological mechanisms involved in cognitive and emotional response;

  • Chinese Medicine and Modern Psychology;

  • Energy Psychology;

  • Introduction to the classic EFT protocol - Emotional Liberation Techniques;

  • Fundamental aspects to succeed with EFT;

  • Main areas of intervention with EFT (Emotions, Health, Education, Sports, Coaching );

  • Practical application of EFT in real cases;

  • Individual and group practice.

Enrollment includes:
  • All the material necessary to carry out the training, including the EFT Level I Manual in paper format;
  • Two “Coffee Breaks” (morning and afternoon);
  • Certificate of participation.
EFT Training-Emotional Freedom Techniques Level 2 (Advanced)

The EFT Training-Emotional Liberation Techniques Level II (Advanced) allows you to deepen the concepts developed in Level I and apply them to other areas of intervention. Represents  also an excellent opportunity to share and receive feedback on EFT application successes and questions, either with Dr. João Paulo Pestana, or with the other participants.  

Level II is only available to those who have already completed Level I. To get the most out of this training, it is important that you have applied EFT to yourself and others within the last month before enrolling.  

Some of the Level II Program Contents


  • Review of fundamental concepts about EFT;

  • What to do when EFT “doesn't work”?;

  • What to do when we don't know the right words to use in EFT?;

  • What to do when the person doesn't remember his “traumas” or says he doesn't feel emotions?;

  • Shortened version of the EFT Basic Income;

  • Acupuncture points ( tapping)  additional;

  • Use EFT to treat pain;

  • Learning to use EFT with children;

  • Personal development with EFT (Technique “Making Peace with the Past”);

  • Why does the basic EFT protocol focus on the negative?;

  • Introduce the “positive” in the EFT protocol (“Choices” Technique);

  • Learning to use EFT with Groups ("Benefits Borrowed" technique);

  • Learning to eliminate negative beliefs associated with specific goals;

  • Learn to introduce EFT to others naturally;

  • Informed Consent and Ethics;

  • How to conduct an EFT session.

Enrollment includes:
  • All the material necessary to carry out the training, including the EFT Level II Manual in paper format;
  • Two “Coffee Breaks” (morning and afternoon);
  • Certificate of participation.
The training has a very practical nature, so enrollment will be limited. It is intended, therefore, to give the space and time necessary for each participant to master the theoretical concepts and practical applications of all the tools that we will work with. 


João Paulo Pestana  is a psychologist, with  Specialist degree in Clinical and Health Psychology awarded  by the Order of Portuguese Psychologists  and creator of the Pestana Method . Pioneer in the introduction ofEnergy Psychology  in  Portugal, having studied in the US with EFT creator Gary Craig, as well as with  Fred Gallo and David Feinstein, pioneers of Energy Psychology worldwide.
He is a professor ofEnergy Medicineat the  Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program, in England and the USA.  
It has integrated these  innovative approaches to Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine in different areas of clinical intervention:
  • in private clinic consultations;
  • in the area of health and wellness at Longevity Wellness Worldwide;
  • in the management of stress and emotions in the corporate and business area, being co-author of the book “SOS Negócios”.
He maintains a clinical practice in the Algarve since 2006 and carries out regular training on these topics, in Portugal and abroad.
You can find out more about his professional career HERE
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