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Integrating body, mind and spirit!

Introduction to Medicine  energy  

in  lady  Eden

with Dr. João Paulo Pestana

Ancestral Techniques to Restore Health, Joy and Vitality




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come learn  to heal, restore and revitalize your own energy as well as the  energy from family and friends,  naturally and non-invasively. balance our  vital energy  increases  happiness, health and well-being, contributing to a more abundant life  is realized.
For thousands of years, our ancestors recognized the healing value of energy.
From Asia to America, traditional medicine focused on our energetic health as the most effective way to prevent illness and increase overall vitality.
Whether it was through balancing the qi (chi) that travels through the meridians, Ayurvedic practices to balance the doshas, or the use of therapeutic touch in shamanic practices,  vital energy was understood as the "master key" to a healthy and balanced life.
Medicina Energética Portugal

For millions of people, over thousands of years, accessing and balancing their vital energy has helped keep disease at bay. However, nowadays, modern medicine practically ignores the healing power of our vital energy.

"Energy Medicine brings vitality when we are tired, health when we are sick and joy when we are down." 
Donna Eden

THE  Energy Medicine is based on the scientifically accepted fact that everything in our Universe is  made up of energy , including the human body. Conventional Medicine, at its base, focuses on the biochemistry of cells, tissues and organs. Energy Medicine, at its core, focuses on the body's energy fields that organize and control the growth and repair of cells, tissues, and organs.


Fortunately, the latest scientific evidence is beginning to prove what our ancestors knew so well: vital energy is powerful. Very powerful!

Medicina Energética Portugal
Effectively, the field of Energy Medicine is helping thousands of people around the world to recover this ancient knowledge,  lighting the way for what is possible to happen, when we know how to direct the energy of our body, mind and emotions.
Energy Medicine puts our health and well-being in our own hands. Daily practices can open up and align different levels of our energy, giving us access to abundant health, deep joy and happiness, as well as greater focus and mental clarity.

Fortunately, we can all tap into the source of this transformative energy!  


Energy Medicine is an integrative approach that expands upon principles and practices of therapeutic approaches as diverse as acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, therapeutic tai chi, yoga and other holistic modalities in order to:

  • decrease suffering, pain and illness;

  • strengthen the feelings of  happiness, joy and satisfaction with life;

  • increase focus and  mental clarity, enhancing productivity;

  • improve balance, harmony and well-being;

  • enhance general health and longevity.


Currently, there are many people who are beginning to realize that their daily physical and psychological imbalances are based on their energy levels . When the flow of energy is blocked  or unbalanced, illness is more likely to develop, life becomes more difficult and everything looks grayer.

When the different energy systems are aligned, reopened and unobstructed , life begins to flow in another way, it becomes easier, more abundant and with renewed meaning .
The good news is that Energy Medicine and all its benefits are not just reserved for doctors, psychologists, gifted therapists or other health professionals.
According to Donna Eden , pioneer of Energy Medicine, we all have the ability to utilize our vital energy to create a fundamental shift in the mind-body relationship that can transform our lives for the better.
Since  child that Donna Eden has  the ability to see the flow of vital energy in the body, from the meridians to the chakras.
Medicina Energética Portugal

After healing himself from a chronic debilitating illness, he decided to start studying ancient energy traditions and saw how each of them addressed  different energy systems, but which ended up communicating  and interact  with each other, forming a unitary pattern that surrounded and penetrated the body.

It was during this critical period that Donna Eden realized that, in our innermost being, we are all therapists .  instinctive because our body and mind naturally seek healing and alignment.  


With the proper knowledge, any of us can move from healing instinctively to healing intentionally, gaining access to a powerful and nearly inexhaustible source of health, vitality, and joy.


In the last 40 years, Donna Eden has taught more than 100,000 people from all over the world , from ordinary people to healthcare professionals, to work with their own energies so that they can create and maintain,  more vibrant and abundant health.

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Donna Eden Portugal
Donna Eden  was born with the ability to see the energy of the human body as clearly as you are seeing the letters in this text. Over the past 40 years he has dedicated his life to teaching others that they too can learn to test and balance their own energies and the energy of family, friends and patients.
Donna Eden's Energy Medicine heals the body and mind by activating the body's own natural healing energies , restoring those that have become weak, disturbed or out of balance.
Energy medicine techniques awaken energies that bring resilience, joy and enthusiasm to our lives - and greater vitality to our body , mind and spirit.

Harmonizing our energy balances body chemistry, regulates hormones, increases vitality and helps us feel and think better, strengthening physical and psychological health.
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This pioneering training, carried out by Dr. Joao Paulo Pestana ,  allows to  holistic therapists, health professionals and the general public  have access to the fundamental principles and practices of Donna Eden's Energy Medicine, in Portuguese.  
So, if you're interested  in starting or deepening knowledge in this area, we invite you to  to join  us in one of the trainings that we carry out regularly,  for a weekend of exploration and practical application of theoretical principles  of Donna Eden's Energy Medicine.
At the end of this training you will have learned:
Donna Eden Portugal
  • Simple techniques to balance and optimize your body's energies that you can start using right away and for the rest of your life, as well as tools to help others.
  • Identify and remove energy blocks, increase your energy levels, strengthen your immune system, reduce pain and eliminate stress.
  • Improve your health and vitality, increase joy and send healing energies to areas of your body that are in need of attention.
What to expect from this training
Participants can expect a welcoming and informal environment , where they will learn that they can, in a simple and fun way, evaluate and positively influence their own energy, as well as the energy of others.  other people. They will learn specific protocols to identify and correct energy imbalances and meet people with the same interests in deepening their knowledge of Energy Medicine , spirituality and personal development.
You can see a short video about the "spirit" of this training below,
It is not necessary to have any special sensitivity or prior knowledge of working with energy to obtain results with Energy Medicine. The techniques we will use are simple to learn and  can be applied by anyone  who wish to increase their knowledge in the field of Energy Medicine and non-conventional therapies , from therapists and health professionals to the general public.
Medicina Energética Portugal
Although learning takes place in a fun and relaxing environment, Energy Medicine training is designed  to provide powerful personal transformation tools l. To this end, participants will work individually or in pairs, depending on the protocol or exercise in question. Everyone will have the opportunity to practice the roles of “therapist” and “patient” so that they can personally feel and experience the benefits of Energy Medicine.
"Energy is the best medicine for the body! It's practical, safe, affordable and can help us stay healthy and even thrive in the  today's fast-paced world. However, to access your gifts, you need to learn the language of your body and how to keep your energy systems balanced. This training will help you  to start and  deepen this process" 
Donna Eden
At the end of the training, each participant will have learned simple and very effective techniques that they can start using immediately, for the rest of their lives . The regular use of Energy Medicine techniques promotes feelings of joy, happiness and inner peace , promoting health and well-being. These techniques can also be used as a support in curing diseases, maintaining or improving the patient's quality of life.
The Eden Energy Medicine Introduction Training is divided into two modules that are usually carried out over a weekend. Participants can choose to take only the first module (Saturday) or  complete the two modules in a row (Saturday and Sunday). It is possible to carry out the first module and then the second at another opportunity, according to availability. Access to the second module is invariably done after the completion of the first module. Whenever possible, it is recommended to carry out both modules on the same weekend, in order to consolidate information and practices  transmitted.
The training has a very practical nature, so enrollment will be limited. It is intended, therefore, to give the space and time necessary for each participant to master the theoretical concepts and practical applications of all the tools that we will work with. 
Formation  Energy Medicine - Module 1

The Energy Medicine Training 1  focuses on the fundamentals of Donna Eden's Energy Medicine and topics essential to wellness and healing. Participants will be introduced to specific energetic exercises that allow for greater grounding (rootedness),  you will learn to test other people's vital energy and you will understand why, energetically, stress is at the root of much of today's chronic illness.

After learning simple techniques and  effective ways to manage stress and tension, participants will learn a  Daily Energy Routine that balances and reinforces the body's energy patterns  and that can be performed daily by anyone, in a  to maintain health and  increase  vitality.  


Objective: to teach the fundamentals and essential techniques of Donna Eden's Energy Medicine, namely:


  • Introduction to Energy Medicine - fundamental principles

  • Introduction to 9  Donna Eden's Energy Medicine Energy Systems

  • Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine Meridians and Acupressure Points

  • Learn to test the vital energy

  • Strengthen the Immune System

  • Manage stress and eliminate negative thoughts in minutes through Neurovascular Reflex Points

  • Techniques to increase confidence and improve concentration and learning

  • Daily Energy Routine

Enrollment includes:
  • All the material necessary to carry out the training, including a manual with a detailed description of the protocols and exercises, as well as the therapeutic indications for each one of them;
  • Two “Coffee Breaks” (morning and afternoon);
  • Certificate of participation.
Energy Medicine Training - Module 2

The Energy Medicine Training 2  starts where Energy Medicine 1  ended and introduces participants to specific energy protocols to treat pain, energize the body, and  relieve stress. The energy test is in-depth, so that participants learn to test their own energy and the energy of others. They will also learn to energetically test substances such as foods and food supplements. We will deepen the knowledge about the Aura and learn a protocol to balance the Lymphatic System and exercises to strengthen the Immune System and balance the metabolism. Two energetic protocols will also be taught that promote deep relaxation, contributing to the reduction of pain and physical and psychological tension.

At the end, each participant will give and receive a mini  Energetic Medicine session that will calm and balance your energies in such a profound way  that they will not forget so soon.


Objective: To teach the next level of essential techniques of Donna Eden's Energy Medicine, namely:


  • Learn to test energy in yourself and others;

  • Learn or deepen knowledge about the Aura;

  • Techniques to balance metabolism, helping to maintain or lose weight;

  • Learn to test the energy of foods and supplements to create a personalized diet;

  • Stimulate the release of toxins accumulated in the body and strengthen the Lymphatic System;

  • Brazilian Technique of Foot Reflexology for  deep relaxation;

  • Techniques for the  pain control;

  • Energy Medicine Mini Session ("Quickie Energy Balancer").

Enrollment includes:
  • All the material necessary to carry out the training, including a manual with a detailed description of the protocols and exercises, as well as the therapeutic indications for each one of them;
  • Two “Coffee Breaks” (morning and afternoon);
  • Certificate of participation.
"We hope you will join us to help change the vibration of the planet, one person at a time"
- Donna Eden
João Paulo Pestana is a Psychologist, with  Specialist degree in Clinical and Health Psychology awarded  by the Order of Portuguese Psychologists  and creator of the Pestana Method. Pioneer in the introduction of Energy Psychology  and  professor of energy medicine  in Portugal and in  Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program in England and the USA.
It has integrated these  innovative approaches in his clinical practice in the Algarve, where he has been consulting since 2006.  It carries out regular training on these topics, in Portugal and abroad.
 You can find out more about his professional career HERE
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