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“We are not human beings living a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings living a human experience." - Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Welcome to my professional website!
I like to think that the integrative and holistic approach that I have adopted throughout my professional life is due to two factors: 1) a personality characteristic based on intellectual curiosity and service to others that impels me to research, study and share with colleagues and the general public the different therapeutic and personal growth approaches that I am integrating in my clinical practice; 2) the frustration that grew over the initial years of professional practice, as I felt that the traditional therapeutic tools I had learned were not able to help my patients to free themselves from physical and psychological suffering quickly, effectively and with as little discomfort as possible.
Although, in theory, I have always maintained this "integrative" view with regard to the treatment of the most varied pathologies, the truth is that it was the professional reality that came to demonstrate, in a very evident way that patients should not be the ones adapting to my techniques, but the the other way around.
It is true that, depending on the clinical situation of each case, there are some therapeutic interventions that have shown greater effectiveness than others in the treatment of human suffering. However, I never believed that there was a single therapeutic tool or approach, be it psychological, physiological, pharmacological or energetic, that would treat everything, in all people, with the same effectiveness. We are all so different and with so many physical, cognitive, emotional, energetic and spiritual tones, that a unique approach never made much sense to me. Fortunately, and despite the way academic education is structured, there are more and more health professionals with the same vision.
Nothing have contributed more to my professional growth than the collaboration that I had the pleasure to maintain from 2007-2017 with the Associação Oncológica do Algarve, regularly attending cancer patients and their families. From the first day that I started to work in psycho-oncology, I realized that the most traditional psychotherapeutic tools I had learned in graduate school did not satisfy, neither my requirement nor the needs of those who came to me. My cancer patients and their families just din´t have the time or availability for endless months of "talk therapy"! Everyone needed to deal quickly and effectively with the intense feelings and emotions associated with the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, from fear of death, to anger, to depression or anxiety. They also needed to learn to control stress, to manage physical pain... in short , they needed to try to make peace with their lives and find peace in the midst of so much suffering.
During my first 2 years I committed  exclusively to psycho-oncology and trained in different techniques and modalities, from conventional psychotherapy approaches to other more "alternative" therapies. And although they all added something positive to my therapeutic options, I continued to feel that "something was missing". In 2008, while taking an intensive course in meditation, manifestation and mental control techniques, isolated in the middle of the Alentejo with 10 other strangers from 4 continents and 7 different countries, my prayers were finally answered and I was introduced to one of the most extraordinary psychotherapeutic protocols I have known to date, EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques (Emotional Liberation Techniques), or Tapping .
Despite my initial resistance (the techniques that make up the EFT protocol are strange, they were adopted from Eastern cultures and the practitioners' claims seemed too good to be true), the reality is that EFT allowed me to significantly increase the treatment of negative emotions other psychological disorders, such as stress, anxiety, depression and also pain. Since then, I have used this protocol in hundreds of patients (cancer and non-cancer), with the most diverse clinical conditions and with extremely positive results. In some cases the results are so extraordinary that, even today, I feel surprised.
By deepening my knowledge in this innovative approach, I expanded my knowledge about Energy Psychology   and, later on, I specialized in Energy Medicine . The deepening of these areas has contributed to growth not only at a professional level, but also at a personal level, unveiling a reality that I would never expect possible when I finished my graduate training in Clinical Psychology.
From 2010 on, the need to transmit some of the theoretical and practical knowledge that I acquired in the use of these therapeutic and personal development tools began to grow. Thus the Pestana Method was born and, with it, the realization of training about some of these innovative techniques, both for health professionals and for the general public.
I have much to thank all my patients and the many people who have participated in my training, for everything they have taught me and continue to teach, for how much they "force" me to grow, forcing me out of my therapeutic box and of my comfort zone. To all, my thanks!
With best wishes for health, peace, love and joy, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in my work and, if necessary, see you soon.
João Paulo Pestana
O Dr. João Paulo Pestana é Psicólogo, com grau de Especialista em Psicologia Clínica e da Saúde atribuído pela Ordem dos Psicólogos Portugueses e criador do Método Pestana. É pioneiro na introdução da Psicologia Energética em Portugal, tendo estudado nos E.U.A. com o criador do E.F.T., Gary Craig, bem como com Fred Gallo e David Feinstein, pioneiros da Psicologia Energética a nível mundial.
É professor de Medicina Energética em Portugal e no Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program, em Inglaterra e nos EUA. 
Tem integrado estas abordagens inovadoras em diferentes áreas de intervenção que vão desde a sua prática clínica privada no Algarve, passando pelos doentes oncológicos na Associação Oncológica do Algarve, ou ainda na área da saúde e bem-estar, no Longevity Wellness Worlwide, bem como na gestão do stress e das emoções na área empresarial e dos negócios, sendo co-autor do livro “SOS Negócios”.
Realiza formações regulares nestas temáticas que poderá consultar AQUI
The Doctor. João Paulo Pestana has a degree in Clinical Psychology from the Instituto Universitário Dom Afonso III (INUAF), in Loulé, and has the degree of Specialist in Clinical and Health Psychology awarded  by the Order of Portuguese Psychologists and is the creator of the Pestana Method. Is an effective member  of the Order of Portuguese Psychologists with Professional Cédula nº 4098, Member of the Portuguese Society of Health Psychology and of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology, in the USA.  Practice private practice since 2006  and has been part of the Psychology Nucleus of the Oncological Association of the Algarve, since  2007.
The basic training model of Dr. João Paulo Pestana, in Clinical Psychology,  is Psychodynamically oriented, having obtained additional postgraduate training in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapies, Relaxation Techniques, Art Therapy, Psychodrama and Ericksonian Hypnotherapy. He also has specific training in Palliative Care by AMARA and in Distress Management by the International Psycho-Oncology Society and the European School of Oncology.
Trained in Energy Psychology through ACEP - Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (EFT, TAT, TFT), in  PSYCH-K (Basic PSYCH-K Practitioner) and, in 2015, he becomes the first Portuguese to complete the training in Energy Medicine by Donna Eden (Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner, EEM-CP).
At the scientific level, it has dozens of attendances and communications made at psychology seminars and congresses.
In 2007, he published a pioneering scientific article entitled "The role of spiritual well-being in the quality of life of cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy", having subsequently been invited by the television program "A Fé dos Homens", on Channel 2 of RTP, to deepen this thematic.  
He has supervised academic psychology internships and has been invited to address the topic of Oncological Psychology in some Faculties and Institutes, such as the Faculty of Human and Social Sciences of the University of Algarve (UALG), the Instituto Universitário Dom Afonso III (INUAF) and the Lisbon School of Nursing (ESEL).
In July 2010, he was responsible for carrying out the first "Seminar on Complementary Therapies in Oncology", held in the Algarve and in November 2012 he was part of the organization of the I Congress of Integrative Oncology, also held in the Algarve.
He has carried out work on the management of stress and emotions in the corporate and business areas, being co-author of the book “SOS Negócios” .
In 2015, he released two educational DVDs on Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine, which are available through this website, in the Store area .
In early 2017, he was invited to join the faculty of the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program (EEMCP) training program, teaching in the USA and England.
It carries out regular training, both for the general public and for health professionals, which can be consulted in the Events area .

“The spirit is enriched by what it receives; the heart with what it gives." -  Victor Hugo

The Pestana Method (PM) is a holistic intervention model that assumes that body, mind and spirit mutually influence each other, whether in the development of diseases or in the restoration or maintenance of health. It does not correspond to a specific treatment technique or method, but to the set of therapeutic modalities that Dr. João Paulo Pestana has been studying, developing and integrating into his clinical practice over the years. 
Método Pestana
Método Pestana

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Método Pestana
Método Pestana

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The techniques used in the MP represent  an integration between proven techniques and concepts from Psychology and Neurosciences, such as mind-body connection, cognitive restructuring, desensitization or visualization,  with the principles and practices of Oriental Medicine and Energy Medicine, such as meditation, relaxation, acupressure or the balance of certain energy centers and patterns in the body, such as meridians, chakras and aura (biofield). 
The innovative techniques that make up the MP have as their main objective to contribute to the treatment and prevention of the main physical and psychological disorders of modernity, thus promoting a greater and better quality of life and well-being in the population, in its physical dimensions, mental and spiritual.
Some of these techniques can be used by anyone, as a form of self-help and personal development, while others are more aimed at health professionals.  

You can find out about all the activities developed by Dr. João Paulo Pestana HERE

The influences of the Pestana Method (PM) are as vast and varied as my interest in finding and developing new modalities of healing and physical and psychological balance. In addition to the influences of various teachers, thinkers,  authors and  colleagues during the pre- and post-graduate training years in Clinical Psychology, the MP is clearly influenced  by two innovative fields of Psychology and Medicine: the  Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine .

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The big difference between these two models and their more "conventional" versions is that the former recognize that the Human Being, in addition to its physical and neurological, ie organic, part is also made up of a set of energy systems that can be accessed and worked consciously. Keeping the energy of the different energy systems in balance contributes to preventing or treating physical and psychological illnesses, promoting health and increasing performance and performance.
Although they are models of non-Western origin, their non-invasive and highly effective techniques are being used more and more, both by health professionals, to increase the speed and effectiveness of their treatments, and by common people, to manage the stress and tension of modern life, contributing to the  maintenance and improvement of their physical and psychological well-being.
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