The Pestana Method is a community of people who imagine a world where each person finds their physical and psychological well-being daily, balancing body, mind and energy.

This motto is based on the principle that, on the one hand, our natural state is one of balance, and on the other, that we have within us the ability to return to that same balance whenever we wish. This view is also based on the undeniable truth that mind and body influence each other, and on the ancient wisdom that tells us that there are energy systems that permeate and influence the organism, both in maintaining health and in the development of disease.

Unfortunately, this is not the prevailing message in our society, which ignores the self-regeneration processes of the mind and body, looks at our organism as a machine and not as an interdependent energy system, and which encourages dependence on external factors to the detriment of personal responsibility. 

We know, however, that there are many people who think like us and who not only imagine this world, but are willing to help build it, on a daily basis. We believe that this is a world worth aspiring to, of responsible and empowered people to improve their individual, relational, family, community, and planet as a whole health and well-being.
The Pestana Method is clearly influenced by the fields of  Energy Psychology  and Energy Medicine , which represent the integration of two apparently antagonistic models, but which we consider complementary: the scientific and material model  Psychology and Western Medicine on the one hand, and the empirical and energetic model of Eastern Medicine on the other. 

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The big difference between these two models is that Energy Medicine  recognizes that the Human Being, in addition to its organic part, is also made up of a set of energy systems that can be accessed and worked on consciously to prevent or treat physical and psychological illnesses, promote health and increase performance and performance. .
Despite being models of non-Western origin, their non-invasive and highly effective techniques are being used more and more, both by health professionals, to increase the speed and effectiveness of their treatments, and by common people, to manage the stress and tension of modern life, contributing to the maintenance and improvement of your physical and psychological well-being.
In order to implement and disseminate its vision to society, the Pestana Method is divided into three areas of intervention: health, well-being and academia. 
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In terms of health, the Pestana Method has  with the main objective of contributing to the treatment and prevention of some of the main physical and psychological disorders of modernity. It is assumed as a holistic intervention model that assumes that body, mind and energy mutually influence each other, whether in the development of diseases or in the restoration or maintenance of health. The therapeutic approaches used represent an integration between proven techniques and concepts from Psychology and Western Medicine, with ancient principles and practices of Oriental Medicine and Energy Medicine.
In the Pestana Method we believe that the change we want to see in the world begins, first, within ourselves,  physical and psychological well-being can and should be cultivated daily, in order to strengthen health and prevent the emergence of diseases. Although we currently live in a world for which our organism has not yet evolved, we believe that, through the introduction of simple practices in the daily routine, it is possible to restore the body, calm the mind and balance our energies, in a safe and natural way,  thus promoting a greater and better quality of life and well-being, in its physical, mental and spiritual dimensions.
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Academia Method Pestana aims to provide training to the general population in the areas of personal development and growth, as well as to contribute to the training of future health professionals, namely in the areas of unconventional, holistic therapies, with special emphasis on Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology. . We intend to contribute to increasing the quality and rigor of training in these areas, working with government institutions responsible for the certification and professional accreditation of these health professionals, both in Portugal and in other European Union countries.