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(April, 2022)

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Eden Energy Medicine Certified Course in Portugal
Level 1: Fundamentals

Learn Ancient Techniques to Restore Health, Joy and Vitality.
3rd Edition
Eden Energy Medicine Algarve
Eden Energy Medicine Algarve

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Eden Energy Medicine Algarve
Eden Energy Medicine Algarve

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Eden Energy Medicine Algarve
Eden Energy Medicine Algarve

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Eden Energy Medicine Algarve
Eden Energy Medicine Algarve

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Students of the Level 1 Course: Fundamentals in Portugal
"In this course you will learn how to heal, restore and revitalize your own energy, as well as the energy of family and friends, naturally and non-invasively."
- Dr. João Paulo Pestana


The course  Level 1: Fundamentals  represents the first year of  International Certification Course in Energy Medicine Eden , and is administered all over the world.
The Level 1: Fundamentals course held in Faro is a multicultural and bilingual program (taught in English and Portuguese) where students from different parts of Europe come together to immerse themselves in the teachings of Eden Energy Medicine.

It is a training consisting of 4 classes (or modules), each lasting 4 days, which take place quarterly throughout the year, starting on a Thursday and ending on a Sunday.

Once the first year has been successfully completed, students are then able to begin the second and final year of Certification
as a professional Eden Energy Medicine Therapist.
Donna Eden, David Feinstein e João Paulo Pestana
At the end of this first year, students will be able to:
  • work  with the energies of the body to promote physical and emotional well-being.
  • gain experience and skills to be able to help yourself, your family and friends with confidence.
  • integrate the  basic methods of EEM  at  professional practice, in the case of: doctors, nurses, psychologists,  psychotherapists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, osteopaths, naturopaths, acupuncturists, coaches,  massage therapists or  yoga instructors, to name just a few.
  • sign up  in the Year 2 Certification Program and thus become a certified therapist and be able to work professionally with EEM.
Whether you undertake this training to help yourself or the  your family to live  with more health and vitality, or to enhance the healing energies of  your patients, if you are a health professional, you will learn  Simple and powerful tools that can help anyone to:
  • keep  The  energy to flow through the body throughout the day, reducing  fatigue and increasing vitality , resilience and overall energy level .
  • keep the energy of  balanced brain  to improve the functioning of the nervous system, the  mental acuity, strengthen the  memory and enhance concentration.
  • reduce stress.
  • strengthen the feelings of  happiness joy  and life satisfaction.
  • strengthen the immune system.
  • decrease or eliminate  symptoms associated with  common physical and psychological health problems .
  • enhance well-being, general health and longevity.
  • and much more!

Eden Energy Medicine

Eden Energy Medicine has been  developed over more than 40 years by Donna Eden and her group of teachers, who have helped to expand this work around the world. the EEM  represents  an integrative approach that expands upon principles and practices from therapeutic approaches as diverse as acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, therapeutic tai chi, yoga and other holistic modalities. 
Donna Eden
Donna Eden  was born with the ability to see the energy of the human body as clearly as you are seeing the letters in this text.
After personally discovering that it was possible to consciously direct her body's energies to heal herself from various health problems, including advanced Multiple Sclerosis, Donna Eden used this knowledge to help treat more than 10,000 patients, with the various health, physical and psychological problems, with extraordinary success rates.
In the last 40 years, and with the publication of the acclaimed book  Energy Medicine , has dedicated her life, along with her husband, psychologist David Feinstein, to teaching people who cannot see or feel energy naturally, that they too can learn to assess and balance their own energies as well like the  energies of family, friends and patients.
His infectious joy and skills as a therapist are legendary!
Today, Donna Eden is one of the world's leading authorities in the field of Energy Medicine. More than 100,000 people, both lay people and health professionals, have already attended his lectures and training, all over the world. 
However, more than 1,600 people have already been certified as Eden Energy Medicine therapists, coming from the most diverse countries,  many of them  without any previous ability to feel or see energies, sharing only a curiosity and a deep desire to learn to identify and balance the energy of their own body, as well as the energy of their family and friends, or that of their patients, in the case of Health professionals.
The model developed by Donna Eden allows anyone to learn simple, non-invasive and extremely powerful techniques to balance their energies and regain or maintain health.
Level 1: Fundamentals
"Energy Medicine brings vitality when we are tired, health when we are sick and joy when we are down." 
Donna Eden

Course Summary Level 1: Fundamentals

The Level 1: Fundamentals course  is a one-year educational program of in-depth study in the theoretical foundations and practical applications of Donna Eden's Energy Medicine.

The course is mandatory face -to-face and consists of four quarterly modules (sometimes called "classes") held over four extended weekends (starting on Thursday morning and ending on Sunday at the end of the day).

Each module has a specific curriculum of theoretical subjects that students learn to put into practice over the weekend. Classes consist of theoretical exposition, questions and answers, demonstrations and practical applications, and students practice the contents presented among themselves.  

Eden Energy Medicine Algarve
Eden Energy Medicine Algarve

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Eden Energy Medicine Algarve
Eden Energy Medicine Algarve

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Eden Energy Medicine Algarve
Eden Energy Medicine Algarve

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Eden Energy Medicine Algarve
Eden Energy Medicine Algarve

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The classes of this course are usually small, so each student will have a personalized service, with plenty of time for demonstrations, sharing and discussion on the topics and practical application.  of the contents of each  of the modules.
Medicina Energética Portugal
The training will be held in English and Portuguese. The official course material is in English, but will be supplemented by translation into Portuguese of the most important parts, namely the assessment and treatment protocols. The written tests and the practical demonstration can be carried out in Portuguese or English.

After each of the modules, students have  three months to integrate what they learned. For this purpose, they carry out a written test and a practical demonstration, thus ensuring that they master the theoretical concepts and practical procedures of that module, being able to advance to the  next module.


Anyone can take this training. THE  Donna Eden's dream is for these tools to reach everyone, wherever they are, and regardless of their social or  professional.

There are also no prerequisites to complete the training. People who have never had contact with energy therapies can obtain results as good, or sometimes even better, than people already familiar with any of these modalities.


Generally, there are 3 types of target audience interested in this training:

  • Caregivers/general public:  Caregivers (fathers, mothers, siblings, children, grandparents, grandchildren...) are an important part of health care and can greatly benefit from the use of  methods they learn in Year 1, either to  themselves or for those in their care. Doing something as simple as the Daily Energy Routine has shown amazing effects on the health of many people around the world. Any person, in carrying out this training, learns  techniques of energy medicine that you can start using immediately, and that are very beneficial  to keep energies balanced and resilient .

  • Health professionals: Many health professionals, from  doctors, nurses, psychologists,  psychotherapists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, osteopaths, naturopaths, acupuncturists, coaches,  massage therapists or  yoga instructors, to name just a few,  they feel frustrated and powerless with the tools at their disposal, and look for more natural and holistic ways to better help their patients. If this is your case, this training will greatly expand your therapeutic range. 

  • Future EEM Therapists : This year of classes is the foundation for students who wish to work professionally as EEM therapists.  Students who complete this 1st Year receive a Certificate of Participation that allows them to  move on to the 2nd Year and thus become Eden Energy Medicine Certified practitioners .

Regardless of the reasons and objectives that each student may have to start this training, at the end of the year, all of them  have a solid and integrated knowledge of the basic theoretical foundations and practical applications of  Donna Eden's Energy Medicine, being able to use this knowledge to evaluate and correct the energy imbalances that are at the base of health or disease, either in itself  themselves, whether with their relatives and friends, or with their patients, in the case of health professionals. 


The original curriculum, in English, can be accessed HERE

Class Base Curriculum  1

  • Principles of Energy Medicine

  • Energy Test

  • Daily Energy Routine Exercises

  • Rooting Techniques

  • Anatomical Terminology  Basic

  • Introduction to Meridians

  • Influencing the Meridian Energies

  • Therapeutic Protocols: Rapid Energy Balance and Brazilian Technique of  foot reflexology

  • Introduction to Ethics

  • Energy Treatment Sheet

Class 2 Core Curriculum

  • Introduction to the Five Rhythms/Elements

  • Meridians (Part II)

  • Energy Test with Substitute

  • Neurovascular Reflex Points

  • Triple Burner and Spleen Meridians

  • Using Magnets

  • Vivaxin Syndrome

  • ethic

  • Module 2 Energy Treatment Sheet

Class 3 Base Curriculum

  • Meridians (Part III)

  • Introduction to Energy Testing of Substances

  • Energy Medicine in Pain

  • Reactive Energies

  • The Auric Field

  • Introduction to Irregular Energies

  • The Electrics

  • ethic

  • Legal and Deontological Issues

  • Module 3 Energy Treatment Sheet

Class Base Curriculum  4

  • chakras

  • circuits  radiant

  • Source Points

  • Energy Medicine for the Eyes

  • The Energies of Love - Sensory Styles

  • ethic

  • Module 4 Energy Treatment Sheet

Each module has around 26 hours, which makes a total of around 104 hours of total face-to-face training.

Practical Application
Energy Medicine puts our health and the health of our family and friends in good hands, in ours!
One of  core skills that you will learn in the Level 1: Fundamentals Course is the "energy test" , a valuable tool that will help you to  assess the energy of  many different  systems  (eg chakras,  meridians and aura)  and to use  techniques  and specific energy treatments to enhance the natural healing power of  Human Body. More specifically, you will learn:
  • how to take an active role in your own healing, or  in the two  your loved ones or patients, and say  goodbye to feelings of helplessness.
  • alternative treatments to decrease or completely eliminate pain and any dependence on analgesics.
  • ways to strengthen the immune system  so that you,  their loved ones or patients, can build resilience  the disease.
  • develop your own gifts, style and abilities to direct and enhance the healing energies of your own body as well as others.
  • use the "energy test" to correctly evaluate the different energy systems of the  determine the most effective techniques to use in each case.
  • reevaluate the results of the techniques that are being used, to better  determine the effects and course of treatment.
  • all this will enhance your  ability and build their confidence to  work effectively with energy!
Medicina Energética Portugal
"Energy is the best medicine for the body! It's practical, safe, affordable and can help us maintain health and even  prosper in  today's fast-paced world. However, to access your gifts, you need to learn the language of your body and how to keep your energy systems balanced. This training will help you  to start and  deepen this process" 
Donna Eden

2022 Academic Year Dates and Times

The course  Level 1: Fundamentals  It is divided into 4 classes  that take place  quarterly, throughout the  year.
Training is mandatory in person.
Classes must be taken sequentially, that is, completing the previous class is a mandatory requirement in order to advance to the next class.
Completing a class entails passing a written competency test (with consultation) and an  practical (in person or online, on the Zoom platform).
Case @  student is unable to complete all classes face-to-face, there are options available which are discussed further below in  Attendance Policy.  You can always get in touch with Dr. João Paulo Pestana to discuss possible options.
Dates and Times for the Level 1 Course: Fundamentals
year 2022
class 1
April, 7-10
class 2
June, 23-26

class 3
September, 8-11
Class 4
November, 24-27
We reserve the right to change dates, if necessary, before the start of classes.
class 1
April, 7-10
class 2
June, 23-26

class 3
September, 8-11
Class 4
November, 24-27
There will be breaks  and lunch time. THE  schedule may vary slightly if unforeseen needs arise.


The Level 1: Fundamentals course  will be held in the picturesque city of Faro , the capital of the Algarve. 
Cidade de Faro
Faro has always been  outside the traditional "sun and beach" itineraries associated with the Algarve. Also due to this fact, it has kept much of its identity and originality. In recent years, it has become a hub for travelers and citizens of the world, who find a relaxed and eclectic lifestyle here. You can find out more about the city HERE .
THE  Hotel Eva Senses  will be our "home" during this year of studies.
Located in the heart of the city of Faro, next to the marina, and with a privileged view over the Ria Formosa, it has all the conditions to welcome us all with open arms.
THE  Hotel Eva Senses  It is located just 200m from Faro Bus Terminal , and about 400m from Faro Railway Station . Faro International Airport is a 10-minute drive away.
Hotel Eva Senses - Faro
Hotel Eva Senses - Faro

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Hotel Eva Senses - Faro
Hotel Eva Senses - Faro

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Hotel Eva Senses - Faro
Hotel Eva Senses - Faro

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Hotel Eva Senses - Faro
Hotel Eva Senses - Faro

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The enrollment process for the Level 1: Fundamentals course  2022 in Faro has 2 steps :
  1. make a deposit of $350 dollars  to the North American entity Innersource/Eden Method (which manages Donna Eden's courses), in order to guarantee the place. This deposit will later be deducted from the value of Class 4. To make the deposit, simply click  ON HERE  and choose the city associated with the course in  Portugal, which in this case is "Faro" and fill in the remaining information.  
  2. send an email to  within 7 days of making the deposit , so that we can confirm the registration (you can forward the confirmation email you received from Innersource/Eden Method to us).
Once you make your deposit, you will automatically receive as  Signup bonus 3 very useful videos:
  • Energy Medicine: The Essential Techniques  (6 hour online class)
  • The Energies of Love Class  (6 hour online class, which is one of the necessary materials to acquire before starting class 1 - see more information below)
  • Healthy Meridians; Healthy Body.
After you have registered online and forwarded the confirmation email you received from Innersource/Eden Method , we will contact you immediately to clarify any doubts and settle any logistical issues.
Medicina Energética
  • O curso tem um número de inscrições limitado. É provável que a classe esgote antecipadamente.
  • No caso improvável de não termos o número mínimo de inscrições para realizar a formação, ou se não poder viajar devido a restrições impostas pelas autoridades de saúde públicas, certifique-se de que todos os seus planos de viagem são transferíveis e/ou reembolsáveis.

tuition fees

Tuition fees are paid in $ US dollars (conversion to € euros can be carried out)

The total tuition fee for the Level 1: Fundamentals course is US$4,380  (the value in Euros can be calculated but it always depends on the exchange rate, so there may always be fluctuations).

Note: This total amount includes the initial deposit of $350 that was made at the time of online application, which will be deducted from the Class 4 tuition fee.
options  of payment
Tuition payments can be made:
  • in a single moment.
  • spread over the academic year , one month before the start of each of the classes, namely:
    • Class 1:$1,095 USD through March 7th
    • Class 2:$1,095 USD through May 23
    • Class 3:$1,095 USD through August 8
    • Class 4:$745 USD through October 24th
Modalities  of payment
Payment can be made in dollars or euros:
  • Bank transfer
  • paypal
Financial support
If you need financial assistance for Level 1: Fundamentals , a good option may be to look for “Sponsors” who are available to contribute to your “Education Fund”.
As a student, you will learn techniques and treatment protocols in sufficient numbers and effectiveness to be able to start performing energy medicine sessions right after the first class. In fact, you will need people to be able to practice the protocols you learn in each of the classes. Finding family, friends or acquaintances who are willing to contribute financially in exchange for these sessions can benefit both parties.

For example, if you get 2 sponsors willing to receive a weekly energy medicine session at €25 per session, you have more than half of the fee paid. If you get 4 sponsors, double the amount. This arrangement has obvious benefits for all parties. They receive a unique service in Portugal at a reduced cost, and will be contributing to the personal and professional growth of someone they care about. Not only do you benefit from financial support, but you also have regular people to practice what you learn throughout the year, increasing your experience and confidence.
Personal note: it may seem a bit exaggerated to say that from Class 1 onwards students have enough tools to be able to carry out a session with a therapeutic impact, but the truth is that it is not. I am a Clinical Psychologist and I already had some clinical experience when I signed up for this course in 2013. After Class 1, I could only think of two things: 1) why didn't I learn half of the techniques this weekend at the University?, and 2) if this first class was already spectacular, I can't even imagine what's to come!
What is included in the  bribe
The tuition fee includes the basic material necessary to carry out the theoretical and practical training, namely:
  • the written theoretical material (originals in English and translations in Portuguese).
  • Exclusive access to teaching materials, including videos of the 4 classes (in English) on the Innersource/The Eden Method digital online learning platform  
  • the training site, at the Hotel Eva Senses, in Faro.
  • the correction and feedback of the written test between classes.
  • the correction and feedback of the cross-class hands-on demo test.
  • continuous assessment through the digital online learning platform  from Innersource/The Eden Method.
  • 4 lunches (Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday).
  • 8 “Coffee Breaks”. 
What is not included in the price of  bribe
The tuition fee does not include:
  • travel to and from the training site.
  • accommodation.
  • other meals in addition to those already mentioned.
Some training materials are still required, which are not included in the training fee and must be purchased before the start of Class 1.
Pedagogical materials to be acquired by the student
Additional materials required to start training are as follows:
  • Book:  Medicine Energy Medicine  (2021 edition, Nascente publisher) ​​
  • DVD or Streaming:  Energies of Love (you receive as a bonus if you register in advance)
  • Book:  Ethics Handbook for Energy Healing Practitioners.
  • DVD or Streaming:  The Nine Energy Systems.
After having paid in full for Class 1, the student will receive a discount code to purchase these materials in the online store . 


João Paulo Pestana é Psicólogo Clínico, com grau de Especialista em Psicologia Clínica e da Saúde atribuído pela Ordem dos Psicólogos Portugueses.
Em 2013, iniciou o seu percurso na Medicina Energética de Donna Eden em Londres, frenquentando o curso Foundations (agora chamado Fundamentals) dirigido por Madison King, a diretora de formação da Donna Eden na Europa. Em 2015 termina, também em Londres, o 2º ano de certificação (Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner - EEM-CP) e em 2017 conclui o 4º ano, nos EUA, completando a sua formação avançada (Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner - EEM-AP).

Apaixonado por levar a mensagem de Donna Eden ao maior número de pessoas, tira formação específica para poder ensinar oficialmente a EEM, sendo atualmente formador autorizado dos cursos básicos de
Introdução à Medicina Energética Eden, bem como do curso Nível 1: Fundamentos. Em 2017 é convidado pessoalmente por Donna Eden para fazer parte do núcleo restrito de professores que, a nível mundial, está autorizado a ensinar o material mais avançado no seu programa de certificação  (Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program), em Inglaterra e nos EUA.
Desde 2014 que realiza workshops introdutórios à Medicina Energética em Portugal. Traz agora o primeiro ano do curso de certificação em Medicina Energética de Donna Eden para Portugal.
Tem integrado estas abordagens inovadoras na sua prática clínica no Algarve, onde faz consulta desde 2006. 
João Pestana teaching EEM in Portugal
João Pestana teaching EEM in Portugal

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João Pestana teaching EEM Level 2 in the UK
João Pestana teaching EEM Level 2 in the UK

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Donna Eden and and Family with João Pestana
Donna Eden and and Family with João Pestana

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João Pestana teaching EEM in Portugal
João Pestana teaching EEM in Portugal

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Common questions

I'm not a health professional and I don't have any experience or knowledge in Energy Medicine, can I sign up for the training?
Yes sure. Donna Eden's dream is for this knowledge to reach as many people as possible, so that each  can take responsibility for their own health. It is not necessary to have any special sensitivity or prior knowledge of working with energy to obtain results with Energy Medicine. The techniques we will use are simple to learn and  can be applied by anyone  who wish to increase their knowledge in the field of Energy Medicine and energy therapies.
I have a profession that takes up some time. Will I have time to do this training?
The formation  was designed with the aim of being able to accommodate people with the most varied lifestyles, especially people who already work. In this sense, each module is carried out over  4 days in a row, two of which are Saturday and Sunday. Although we think that the time spent  in training is minimal compared to the benefits it provides, it is important to realize that, upon returning home, the person will have to dedicate some of their free time to study and practice the materials they are learning.
Are the exams too demanding?
We don't really believe in exams, but we have to assess students somehow. The evaluation method chosen has two moments, a theoretical one, through the realization of a written test with consultation, at home, which is then  sent by email to the trainer. The second assessment stage is a demonstration of practical skills that, as a general rule, takes no more than an hour to complete. It can be carried out in person, if the person so desires, or through videoconferencing, over the internet.
Is the training too theoretical?
No, each module includes a  balanced distribution of time for teaching, discussion and practice, so it is both a class and an internship.  the modules  cover information  and techniques that were taught and developed by Donna Eden herself, always with the aim of  anchor the theory  with practice. During the training, you will also be  covered  professional issues such as ethics and clinical practice development.
I have a health problem. Can I take the course?
Definitely yes. Learning to use the techniques of Energy Medicine on oneself is the main objective of this first year. However, it is necessary to realize that this is a training course, not a therapeutic course. Although students experience profound healing and transformation throughout the year, the main objective of the course is education. If your goal is only to receive energy medicine treatment, consult Dr. João Paulo Pestana).
Can healthcare professionals also apply?
Yes. There are more and more health professionals wanting to  deepen and integrate the knowledge of Energy Medicine  in the  their professional practices, from: physicians, psychologists, psychotherapists, osteopaths, naturopaths, and chiropractors, as well as nurses, coaches, acupuncturists, massage therapists, yoga instructors, occupational therapists, and physical therapists, to name just a few.
I am a health professional, I can immediately start to integrate what I learn in the modules into my therapeutic practice, or do I need to  finish the first year to  Can I start applying what I've learned?
Yes. Any health professional (conventional or complementary) can immediately start applying what they learn in the different classes with their patients/clients.  
After completing the first year can I say that I am certified in Energy Medicine by Donna Eden?
Not. The students who complete  the first year will receive an Innersource/Eden Method Certificate of Completion. The Certification Program lasts for two years. the first year  it is the foundation for those students who wish to advance to the second year and thus become Certified Professionals.
I want to advance to the second year of training to  be certified, can I do it in Portugal?
At the moment, the second year of certification is only carried out in England and the United States.

Política de Cancelamento

Antes da Classe 1:
  • Se o cancelamento for realizado até 30 dias ANTES da classe 1 começar, terá direito a reembolso total dos pagamentos realizados em relação à Classe 1 ou restantes classes (menos taxas de cartão de crédito / transferência bancária). 
  • Se o cancelamento for realizado com MENOS de 30 dias antes da Classe 1 começar, não terá direito a qualquer reembolso dos pagamentos realizados.
Depois da Classe 1:
  • Se desistir do curso até trinta dias antes do início das Classes 2, 3 ou 4, receberá um reembolso de 50% sobre o valor total pago para aquela classe em particular, e um reembolso de 100% para qualquer classe posterior a essa. 
  • Se desistir do curso a menos de trinta dias do início da classe, não haverá devolução do pagamento realizado para essa classe.
  • Se faltar a uma classe, mas ainda assim pretender concluir o curso, continuará a ser responsável pelo pagamento integral da classe que falhou. Continuará a ter acesso ao formador para esclarecimento e mentoria sobre o material pedagógico, bem como aos livros e vídeos disponibilizados na plataforma online EEMCentral.​
Os pedidos de cancelamento devem ser enviados por e-mail ( e serão prontamente reconhecidos assim que recebidos. Em caso de emergências (morte ou ferimento grave) ou eventos catastróficos (naturais ou acidentais),  pode entrar em contato com o Dr. João Paulo Pestana para discutir as suas opções.
Regras de assiduidade
O curso é presencial e é espectável que os alunos estejam presentes durante toda a formação. No entanto, caso o aluno falte integralmente ou parcialmente a uma das classes, as seguintes regras aplicam-se:
  • o aluno pode faltar o máximo de 3h por classe, mas terá que repor este tempo depois da classe, através de aulas particulares. Poderão ser aplicadas taxas adicionais por este tempo de revisão e tutoria.
  • o aluno pode faltar a uma das 4 classes, mas terá que realizar o pagamento integral dessa classe e completar o teste escrito e o de demonstração prática. Será feito um esforço para ajudar o aluno a consolidar os conceitos dessa classe, incluindo opções como aulas de revisão e tutoriais particulares por telefone ou videoconferência. Poderão ser aplicadas taxas adicionais por este tempo de revisão e tutoria. O aluno também poderá assistir a uma gravação da classe que faltou (filmada anteriormente). Esta gravação pode ser adquirida no site da Innersource/Eden Method. 
  • o aluno poderá também decidir realizar a classe que falhou com outro professor.
For more information

Your message has been sent. Until  soon!

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