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Level  Introductory

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EFT - Tapping Emotional Freedom Techniques

with Dr. João Paulo Pestana

If you are at a point in your life where you are looking for something different that can help you achieve greater emotional balance and thereby increase your personal and professional success, this training is for you!

Lifetime Recorded Program

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EFT-Tapping Protocol

The EFT-Tapping Protocol , originally known as EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques , and which has been translated into Portuguese as Emotional Liberation Techniques, or simply, Tapping, is constituted by an integration of elements from Western Psychology and Neurosciences , with elements from Medicine . Oriental , providing fast and effective communication between body and mind.


This training is suitable for health professionals and the general public.
Since it is a protocol that anyone can learn and immediately begin to apply in their personal or professional life, EFT-Tapping has become one of the fastest growing personal development tools worldwide, becoming  as one of the most innovative and effective therapeutic tools ever created in the field of Psychology.


In this formation  fully online will:
  • learn the basics of this extraordinary emotional regulation protocol.
  • be guided  through the correct self-application of the EFT-Tapping Protocol for the regulation of emotions, feelings and thoughts  generators of physical or psychological suffering.
More specifically, you will learn how to use the EFT-Tapping Protocol to permanently eliminate :
  • negative thoughts
  • dysfunctional emotions, such as:
    • emotional trauma,
    • fears,
    • stress,
    • anxiety,
    • phobias,
    • depressive feelings,
    • anger and frustration,
    • panic,
    • fault...
  • in minutes and without medication!


This pre-recorded program, available online (computer, tablet and mobile phone) is designed to, above all, teach you how to correctly perform the different steps of the EFT-Tapping Protocol. For this, you will have at your disposal different learning methodologies, such as:
  • 9 demonstration videos, step by step, that you can watch as many times as you want to clear up all your doubts and gain proficiency.
  • audios that you can download to your computer or mobile device and listen whenever and wherever you want.
  • pdf documents. that you can download to your computer or mobile device and print to always have with you, such as:
    • m annual usage.
    • summary of all the steps of the EFT-Tapping Protocol, in a single page.
    • stress and relaxation protocol.
    • anxiety protocol.
    • traumatic memories protocol.
  • online support group, exclusive and totally free for participants.
All this information is already available on the course page on the Pestana Method website. After acquiring the training, you can access the course whenever you want  24 hours a day , 365 days a year , allowing you to study and practice according to your availability and in total comfort, in the comfort of your home, or anywhere in the world, with Internet access. You can also access all  materials available on the course page via your tablet or mobile device, giving you even greater freedom.
The course is for life , that is, once you purchase it, it is yours forever. You can access and revisit the contents whenever you want.


João Paulo Pestana  is a psychologist, with  Specialist degree in Clinical and Health Psychology awarded  by the Order of Portuguese Psychologists  and creator of the Pestana Method .
Pioneer in the introduction of Energy Psychology  in  Portugal, having studied in the US with EFT creator Gary Craig, as well as with  Fred Gallo and David Feinstein, pioneers of Energy Psychology worldwide.
He is a professor of Energy Medicineat the  Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program, in England, the USA and also in Portugal. 
It carries out regular training on these topics, in Portugal and abroad.
He maintains a clinical practice in the Algarve since 2006,  where you have integrated these  innovative approaches.
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