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The Longevity Medical Spa is a pioneering concept that integrates in the same approach,  preventive medicine, anti-aging medical therapies and so-called unconventional or holistic therapies. An integrated approach based on advanced medical and scientific technologies for the early detection, prevention, diagnosis and correction of age-related imbalances. Aging gracefully while maintaining health, vitality and happiness is possible through proactive lifestyle choices: proper nutrition, regular exercise, relaxation and stress management techniques, natural supplements, hydration, rest, regular monitoring, detoxification. , quality sleep and personal accountability.
Longevity has a multidisciplinary therapeutic team and  offers individualized, patient-centered total health management services in a caring, luxurious environment with all the necessary support. The client has at his disposal an unparalleled selection of treatments and programs  highly effective products that will help you feel and look your best while guiding you towards a longer, healthier and happier life.
Main  objective of the Longevity programs passes  for delaying  the aging process, increase  the quality of life and restore  natural vitality, through the synergy of biochemical assessments, detailed medical consultations, health and wellness retreats, personalized exercise plans, nutritional plans, advanced techniques of aesthetic medicine and natural therapies.
The Doctor. João Paulo Pestana is pleased to collaborate with the Spa  Longevity Doctor  since 2012, being responsible  for Psychology consultations associated with stress management and for Energy Medicine treatments.
You can get to know the Longevity concept better HERE
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