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"Whether you believe you can or you believe you can't, you're right." -  Henry Ford

SOS Negócios gives its name to the set of initiatives, launched by Worklovers ,  with the mission of bringing together and helping entrepreneurs and companies to create more and better businesses. Above all, we want to contribute to the construction of more positive lives, where financial freedom and personal well-being build the reality of each one. For that reason, we put together a set of lessons that range from financial planning, to marketing, to the knowledge that underlies many fiction series and even to the age-old wisdom of energy medicine.

SOS Negócios

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SOS Negócios

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The book SOS Negócios presents  an innovative combination of  financial management, planning and innovation, creativity in marketing and advertising, facial language associated with business and pioneering techniques based on energy medicine, for stress management and self-confidence.  
In this work, the authors/trainers  Arão Guerreiro, Domingos Pereira, João Pestana and Tiago Freire,  sought not only to simplify existing knowledge in more complex areas such as finance or even marketing, but also
make known areas still  little known, but who believe they make a difference in the good  being of entrepreneurs and course of their business.
Launched by the platform, the book is aimed at all entrepreneurs, self-employed, merchants, entrepreneurs and, in general, everyone interested in exploring innovative techniques and creative principles that lead great brands and organizations to success.  
Chapter of Dr. João Paulo Pestana: "Management of stress and emotions"
  • Stress, emotions and business… what's the relationship?
  • From homo sapiens to homo negociens
  • the human brain
  • Emotional brain vs rational brain
  • Stress: impact on people and companies
  • Stress and competitiveness
  • Emotional management and stress management techniques
  • positive programming
  • To be the captain of our boat
Datasheet of the book SOS Negócios
1st edition: May 2014
2nd edition: September 2014
Coordinator: Domingos Pereira
Format: A5, 135 pages
Pagination & Illustration: André Fialho & Pedro Fernandes
Distribution: &
Chapters: Business Management, Advertising Communication, Stress and Emotions Management, Micro Expressions of the Face (see subchapters here)
Authors: Arão Guerreiro, Domingos Pereira, João Pestana, Tiago Freire
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